Moving Tips

If you're moving soon, this really doesn't have to be a stressful experience. These moving tips can help you achieve a successful and efficient move.

1. Make yourself a moving checklist
Summarize everything that needs to be finished before your move - notify your post office, newspaper carrier, publishers, transfer your fire/homeowners insurance etc.

2. Select all unnecessary things before you move
Get rid of physically unnecessary things, like: broken devices, unwanted tools, old clothing, toys and other items that you no longer need, before you move. Give usable items to charitable organizations or hold a yard sale.

3. Choose an experienced moving services.
Choose a moving firm with an established reputation and experience for good service and reliability. Make sure that your moving team has an available phone number for you at all times.

4. Have enough supplies.
Get boxes in various sizes. Collect them from your local store, or purchase them from your moving company. Get many more than you think you'll need. If purchased, you can always take them back for a refund if unused, and if you got them free, just discard any extra.

5. Pack on a room-by-room basis. Keep the contents of each room in separate boxes and marked them properly. This will eliminate confusion and save time when you're unpacking.

6. Close and tape all moving boxes.
Many people don`t realize that professional movers can`t move "open boxes." The main reason is "open boxes" can`t be stacked in the truck and/or dolly in a protected way, as there is a higher risk of damage with items falling out of an open box.

7. Keep your valuable items with you
If you have jewelry, or you need to bring some cash, keep them with you at all times. Refrain from putting valuable small items inside boxes or packing crates, lest they get lost or stolen.

8. Moving your pet safely.
Some pets are excited by trips in the car, but most of them associate it with vet visits or transfers to a boarding kennel. Even if your pet does like to travel, moving long-distance, over a few days is much harder than you will have anticipated.

9. Get organized with your unpacking.
Unpack a room at a time, simply because it's better to have one room complete than to have three rooms half-done. If your child is able to unpack their own stuff, let them and encourage them to make their space their own.

10. After moving in
Contact insurance companies, including household, auto and health. Find out if you're currently covered or if you need to create new policies with a new company. This is important to check especially if you're moving to a new state or province.